About Concord Danmark

Concord Danmark is a network of development NGOs. We are a part of Concord Europe which has national platforms all over Europe. They all work to increase to leverage between the different policy areas of the EU. The objective is to achieve a more coherent and fair development politic which at the same time promotes the active involvement of civil society not just in the EU but also in the developing countries. Concord Europe represents 1600 development and humanitarian organizations across Europe.

Today Concord Danmark has 40 members of different type and size. We are one of three networks for Danish Development NGOs: Concord Danmark, the Danish NGO Forum and the Danish 92 Group. Concord Danmark’s main focus is on how EU policies influences the developing countries, while the Danish NGO Forum focuses on the Danish development aid and the Danish 92 Group focuses on Climate and environmental issues and the development policies of international institutions such as the UN and the World Bank.

The Secretariat

Concord Danmark’s secretariat works within the frames of Concord Europe’s strategic plan and is the voice of the Danish development NGO’s in the EU-system. As the Danish member of Concord Europe we seek to make use of the international networks and taskforces at our disposal while at the same time try to influence the ongoing dialogue with the European Institutions.

One of the main tasks of Concord Danmark’s secretariat is to provide information and assistance to our members on EU-funding.

The Secretariat is based in Nørrebro in Copenhagen and it is has 8 employees.

Concord Europe

Concord Europe represents 27 national networks from 27 EU-countries and is based in Brussels. Just like Concord Danmark each national network has a number of members. Altogether concord Europe therefore  represents 1600 European development and humanitarian NGO’s.

Concord Europe aim is to influence national and European policies to secure global development, social justice, equality and human rights.

By uniting, European development NGOs commit themselves to keep development co-operation high on the political agenda of advanced countries and the European Institutions in particular. European NGOs will continue to make institutions aware of how their economic and political choices impact on the most deprived countries.

Concord Europe’s Brussels office communicates information about the workings of the European Institutions and gathers feedback from the national networks.

Through Concord Europe the European NGO’s work to:

  • Promote the role of the European NGO’s in defining and implement the development and humanitarian policies of the EU.
  • Make sure that the EU and Member States keep their international commitments both in word and numbers
  • Secure the involvement of civil society in development countries.


You can find more information about Concord Euope on their website: www.concordeurope.org

Vision and Strategy

Concord Danmark works to secure the coherence between the different policy areas in the EU. The goal is to achieve a more fair and efficient development co-operation which also promotes the involvement of civil society in both North and South.

Concord Danmark focuses our efforts on three main areas:

Advocacy: To promote the priorities of the Danish NGO’s in the European developmemt co-operation.

Information: Raise awarenessthe development policies of the EU through member workshops, ongoing contact with relevant national ministries and departments and production of publications on the issues.

Member service: Support members in their effort to secure EU-funding.

Concord Danmark works within the frames of the strategic plan of Concord Europe. As the Danish members we seek to make full use of the international networks and work groups at our disposal and to influence the ongoing dialog with the European Institutions.

2012 Presidency Programme

Download the 2012 Presidency Programme here

Staff of Concord Danmark

Mads Hove

Program Officer

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Kira Boe

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Mathias Ljørring

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Andrea Lærke Rasmussen


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Laura Neerup Breiø

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Concord Danmark works to secure the interest of the Danish development NGOs interests in the EU and in general to put development issues on the European agenda.

Concord Denmark is a member of Concord Europe which represents 1600 development and humanitarian organizations in 27 countries in Europe. Concord Denmark has 40 member organizations of different type and size.

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